Family Outreach Ontario Christian Addiction Support Services is a faith-based inter-denominational charitable organization. Our mission is to perform all such activities practically possible for the promotion and advancement of, support of and ministering to, those afflicted and affected by substance abuse. Read More…


We are sensitive to the dynamics of alcohol and substance abuse. Many of our volunteers have had first-hand experience with substance abuse. We area group of readily available volunteers who can help you. Read More…


At Family Outreach Ontario, our dedicated volunteers will handle each individual(s) that contacts us and assign a “case number”. This “case number” maintains anonymity when discussing or reporting within Family Outreach Ontario. Read More…

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What really is addiction? The dictionary describes it as an “obsession, compulsion or excessive physical and psychological dependence.”


An Intervention is a way of presenting the reality of the addiction, in a caring way, by using specific facts and information, so that it can be heard  by the addict..


We are an inter-denominational group of Christian believers. We use a Christ-centered approach to bring healing to those afflicted by drugs and alcohol.